Types Of Food Wrapping Paper

Types of Wrapping Paper,it may happen so that you would want to preserve the cooked foodstuff or even uncooked foodstuff for future use. That is when packaging comes into the picture. Food packaging or food wrapping is essential. With greater awareness about food resource depletion coupled with consciousness about less wastage of food, food wrapping is a somewhat unnoticed need of the hour.

One must know the right way to pack their foodstuff so that they can use it again later. Conventionally, we used to wrap up veggies in a tin/box/container plastic or newspaper or would leave it just like that in the refrigerator for further use. Some food would be wrapped up in cellophane papers as well. The refrigerators do their job of keeping the food as fresh as they can. But, multiple studies prove that how the foodstuff is wrapped up and stored also makes a significant difference in keeping it clean.

Types Of Food Wrapping Paper
Types Of Food Wrapping Paper

Benefits Of Food Wrapping : Types of Wrapping Paper

  • When the food is wrapped up and stored well, it maintains the hygiene of the food, thus stored. You would be sure that the food is not dirty or wrong if it is wrapped well and used within a stipulated period.
  • We can increase the shelf life of foodstuff if we wrap up and store the food well. However, both food wrapping and food storing are of equal importance.
  • It is useful in maintaining food quality as much as possible and preserves the food well for future use. It keeps the bacteria and infections at bay.
  • It is because of the food wrapping (on a small scale) and food packaging (large size) that different food items become readily available in all parts of the world, to all customers. It becomes possible only because of the excellent storage facilities.

Various Kinds Of Food Wrapping Papers —

Types Of Food Wrapping Paper
Types Of Food Wrapping Paper

For our daily kitchen and household purposes, we too store and wrap up food. Thus, one must know what kind of wrapping papers are available so that they can save the food well.

However, it is pertinent to note that different types of foodstuffs get stored in various kinds of food wrapping paper. This variation exists owing to factors like compatibility of the food with the wrapping paper, food properties, longevity, etc. Below is the list of different kinds of food wrapping papers for your perusal –

  1. Butcher Paper or Kraft Paper

This paper type mainly comes to use for storage of the freshness and neatness of meat and fish. It is leak-resistant generally and keeps the food item inside dry. It is available in various colors viz. peach treated, pink, gardenia, and white for storing multiple foodstuffs. You can very well write with a pen, pencil, crayon, etc. on this paper type.

In Middle

  • Coated/Freezer Kraft Paper

Available in rolls and sheets in kraft or whites, the sturdy freezer paper is ideal for wrapping poultry, cheese, and fish. It has a thin, low-density polythene coating on one of its sides that makes it leak resistant. The paper and the siliconmoulder is a big hit in the noodles and pasta industry.

Types Of Food Wrapping Paper
Types Of Food Wrapping Paper
  • Wax Paper

It is available in rolls and sheets of both dry as well as wet wax. It has a wax coating on one side of the paper, which generally goes on the outside. The wax keeps unhygienic items and dirt away from the food inside. The dry wax paper is ideal for wrapping up sandwiches, hotdogs, etc. whereas wet wax paper is useful to wrap up candies and sweets.

Sandwich Paper: Types of Wrapping Paper

As the name suggests, the sandwich paper is a thin paper for wrapping up items like hotdogs, sandwiches, etc. sometimes, we use it for wrapping up pretzels, cookies, pastries, etc.

Conclusion —

Depending on how long you want to store the food and the food item you want to wrap, you case use the wrapping papers that as above.

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