Bake A Delicious Sponge Cake

Difference between sponge and sponge cake

If you have a sweet tooth, then this cake would be of great pleasure for you. Every person has their own taste for cakes. Some people like chocolate-flavored, some like fruit cakes, and some like unique flavors. Cakes play an important role in celebrating one’s special occasion these days.

Since its first appearance, the cake has traveled a long journey to improve in terms of taste and texture. When the cake was first made, it has a bread-like structure with fewer ingredients and flavors. Luckily, we see an evident variety of cake these days. One such variety is sponge cake. Just by reading the name, you might wonder whether this cake looks or feels like a sponge. Ready to find out?

The Reason Behind the Name

  • Why it is called sponge cake when every cake has a fluffy structure?

The earlier cake would look more like a cookie because bakers would not use any raising agents. Before the invention of baking powder, people used beaten eggs to make a soft, spongy cake. In the mid 18th century, bakers started to use baking powder as raising agents for cake; it was one of the first cakes without yeast. Due to this cake’s fluffy texture, it is called a sponge cake.

  • Difference between sponge and sponge cake
Difference between sponge and sponge cake

Actually, the sponge is the base of the cake on which the cake is made when layered cakes are stacked. Sponge plays the role of layers of cake. The sponge is the basic structure of a cake. After frosting and decoration, it transforms into the cake itself. Basically, every cake is a sponge, but not every sponge is a cake.

  • What makes a cake spongy?

The pivotal ingredients of butter and sugar are the two magical workers in making cake spongy.

Tips to Make Your Sponge Cake Spongy

Enjoy a slice of cake and coffee.

It is said that making a cake to perfection is an art. To be a cake specialist, you need to follow the right instructions to make a perfect cake.

  1. The temperature of the ingredients plays an important role in making this cake. Ingredients should be kept in room temperature, especially butter that should be warm and melted.
  2. In order to make a perfect batter, you shouldn’t overmix the batter, as it will destroy the air bubbles. Mix the batter in slow motion, as per experts’ advice.
  3. Adding buttermilk will make the cake softer, as buttermilk contains some acidic properties. If you are using buttermilk, you can skip baking soda or add it in little amount.
  4. Use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour.
  5. Filter the flour, baking soda, and baking powder properly. By doing this, your batter will get air to get spongy and fluffy.
  6. Eggs should be beaten slowly.
  7. Spray sugar syrup before frosting the cake. This will not allow the cake to dry.
  8. Let your cake cool completely before setting it to frost.
  9. Whisk butter and sugar until the mixture becomes pale and yellow in color. It is very essential to know how to make the cake fluffy and spongy.

With this, the ingredients used are without a doubt of great importance. Maintaining the correct quantity to later blending the ingredients in a proper manner will give you the perfect sponge cake!

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