Wedding Cakes

Cake is a part of many celebrations and ceremonies such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and get-togethers. A wedding cake is an example of a cake that is used to express a couple’s feelings. Traditionally, the wedding cake was introduced with the concept that it brings good luck to all the guests and the couple.

The perfect wedding cake

History of Wedding Cakes

Cake is not only a sweet dessert, but it carries some traditions behind it. Ancient Rome was the first place cakes were introduced as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. There was a tradition to break a loaf over the bride’s head. Scrambled bread was taken away by the guest as a good luck charm. It is believed that in Scotland, as well as in Rome, they used to follow the tradition of breaking cake on the bride’s head. During those times the cakes were made up of oats known as oatcakes. The tradition slowly began to disappear.

In medieval England, cakes were initially sweetbreads made up of flour. As time passed, slowly these cakes were used to celebrate occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.

The Traditional Wedding Cake

Traditional wedding cake

Back in the day, in order for a bride to accept the proposal, she would place the ring on the portion of the cake that had the couple’s figure on it. The bride’s cake used to be a plum or a fruit cake. Bridal pies were quite common in the 17th century, as well. People mostly did not have ovens during that time; hence, bakers used to bake two pastry crusts on the fireside, put currants between them like a sandwich, and sprinkle sugar on top.

Couples used to wait until they reach their new home to have their wedding cake. First, the bride would take a bite of the cake and then toss the rest of the cake over her head so that both of them get everything they wanted in life.

Popular Wedding Cakes

A classy wedding cake

  1. Red velvet cake: The most famous of wedding cakes. As the name suggests, the cake is red in color, which symbolizes love and romance. Red velvet cake neither tastes like chocolate or vanilla. It is rich and smooth in taste because it has cream cheese as frosting.
  2. Vanilla cake: This is a basic cake, which is made up of vanilla frosting. The main ingredient used to make this cake is vanilla. Fruits, nuts and additional flavors are used to enhance the taste.
  3. Chocolate cake: Apart from red velvet cake, chocolate cake is also among the most favorite wedding cakes. Besides the chocolate flavor, chocolate cakes also vary in flavors, such as orange, mint, and strawberry, adding richness to the overall taste.
  4. Coconut and lime wedding cake: Lemon and coconut are the main ingredients of this cake. The mixture of tangy lemon and rich coconut calls for a creamy taste. This great combination adds extraordinary flavor to the cake.

Nowadays, there are different varieties of wedding cake flavors. It’s never been so easy for people to choose the best wedding cake, as per their choice and preference.

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